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New attempt to incorporate digital art at a long-established art gallery

Visitors to the exhibition of Man Mitsuru Koido's "Brain Diary and Iron Work" at Gallery Seiho, a contemporary sculpture gallery, from March 28 (Mon.) to April 8 (Fri.) will receive an original Ginza icon, NFT. The exhibition will also be held in the Metaverse space after the period.

Nowadays, unlike large-scale special exhibitions, visiting a long-established gallery is a high hurdle, especially for young people. Furthermore, the number of visitors has been decreasing due to the Corona, and opportunities to come in contact with art and artists are decreasing.

Therefore, we decided to hold a project utilizing NFT and Metaverse at a long-established art gallery in order to let visitors feel the advantages of an art gallery where artists are always present and where they can come into contact with art and artists.


In conjunction with the exhibition of Man Koido's "Brain Diary and Iron work" at Gallery Seiho, a long-established contemporary sculpture gallery, all visitors will receive the artist's original "Ginza Icon NFT".

In addition, a set of the artist's recent works will also be sold with the NFT for those who wish to purchase them. For those who cannot come during the exhibition period and for those who are far away, the works will be exhibited in the Metaverse space after the exhibition.

About Brain Diary

Image artist Man Mitsuru Koido has been accumulating drawings as his own diary for the past 40 years. While working with black-and-white ironwork, his desire for color led him to draw colorful images that are at odds with iron on a daily basis. These are not abstract paintings, but rather the embodiment of the images in the artist's brain.

About Iron work

He began working as an artist in 1973, and his sculptures are mainly based on nature. He has traveled abroad and sought to softly express the nature he sensed with his five senses in his hard sculptures.

Artist Profile 【Mitsuru Koido】

Gallery seihou


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